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Shipping & Returns

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Shipping of the product will depend on the location 
Estimated shipping time would be between 4 days to 10 days 
Detailed shipping costs will be shown during the checkout of the Frags & Fumes product 
Shipping costs may vary according to the changes in the price of shipping , current pandemic situations, the location of delivery.

Return & Exchange Policy

You can Return/Exchange the purchased product within the first 5 days of the date delivered.

 We Accept the Return/Exchange of the Frags and Fumes product if the product is not burning or gets extinguished mid-way (THE FOLLOWING NEED TO HAVE A VIDEO PROOF).

The product will not be accepted for return/exchange if you have used more than 3 incense sticks out of the box 

The Shipping Charges for the Return/Exchange of the product will be on us.

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